= review what I learned (test1~test3)=

Cheep up! It's not the end of the world.

What time is it?
It's a quarter past night.
=It's nine fifteen. (9點15分)

May I have the check, please?
=May I have the bill, please?

Why is Scott nervous?
His wife is about to have a baby.
=His wife is about to give birth(to a baby)

check out a book借書
return a book還書

pass(the test) with flying color.考得很好

a.It's nice to talk to you.
meet you. (初次見面使用)
b.It's nice talking to you.
meeting you. (見面寒暄完畢臨行前使用)

稍後 in just a minute
= in just a moment
= in just a second
= in just a sec

且慢 Wait a minute!
=Wait a second!
=Wait a sec!

act up: 1.反應過度,2.out order 出狀況

I never work on watches.
work on: 研究; 從事

bump into....撞到,偶遇

pick up...買...

hand in a report
=turn in a report

make waves興風作浪
He's making waves.

hang吊死; 懸掛 (三態)
hang hanged hanged吊死
hang hung hung 懸掛

擦亮 polish
義大利麵 spaghetti
人行道 sidewalk
十字路口 intersection
無辜的 innocent
滑輪溜冰 go roller-skating
滑直排輪 go inline-skating

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