20110331 the day before today


I went to the movies in Chai-yi city, it was because I was free yesterday.

I haven't been going the theater before.


地址: 嘉義市新榮路52號 (地圖)
電話: (05)225-5366,(05)223-7565

Before I went to the theater, I went to buy some food and a cup of milk tea for brench.

Then, I looked at the wall with many movies there.

I chosed the first hall and bought a tickets.

I felt it was very clean there, and there are some people sat there for waiting the show.

I like the movie because the atress never lost her direcion. The end she got it.

I hope that I could do something like her.

The other movie is

I moved when the end of the movie.

That movie makes me cry, because the man love the woman deeply.

It reminds me somthing just happened before.

I have no idea what you think. I didn't stop crying.

I can't do nothing only hiding again and give you my bless.

Until four twenty last afternoon, I left the theater .

I went to buy some shimps, fish food and so on...

On my way home, I saw many trees beside the road.

I thought it is beautiful and took the picture.

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